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Lenny Solomon


LENNY SOLOMON (violinist, composer) was born September 28, 1952 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. His jazz violin virtuosity has been recognized throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. Called "Canada's premier jazz violinist", he has played a significant role in bringing what was considered mostly a classical instrument into new genres.

Solomon's career has been evolving through the decades. In the ‘70s, his cutting edge rock violin was featured in the JUNO Award-winning pop duo Myles and Lenny. In the ‘80s, he went back to a more traditional violin sound playing with the pop string quintet Quintessence where he first collaborated with guitarist Bill Bridges. It was also during this time Solomon established himself as a popular and versatile studio musician playing on hundreds of recordings and soundtracks. In the 1990s, he released two well-received jazz CDs -- After You've Gone and The Gershwin Sessions.

He has toured frequently with the Lenny Solomon Trio and established the unique ensemble, The Galaxy Trio, which marries classical and jazz violin styles. With his post millennium projects, Trio Norté and Bowfire, his aim is to achieve a new direction in entertainment and performance, combining varied styles and great musicians. During his prolific career, he has also arranged and written numerous original compositions, many of which are heard on CDs he has released including the latest. He continues this tradition on his latest CD, Transparency which also features Phil Dwyer on piano, Geoff Young on guitar, Pat Collins on bass, Barry Romberg on drums, and Lenny's wife, Wendy Solomon, on cello. Noted arranger Shelly Berger also contributed compositions.


1975 – JUNO Award as ‘Best New Group’ (Myles and Lenny)

3-time National Jazz Award Winner for ‘Jazz Violinist of the Year’

Awarded the SOCAN #1 Video Award for composition (Fernanda with Trio Norte)

is leader of